Five Things They Don’t Tell You When Coordinating FPU

Financial Peace University

I simply love the idea and implementation of Financial Peace University.  Who would have thought that common sense was entertaining and not so common.  I am a short time into my first coordinating stint for FPU and I have five quick thoughts on it six weeks into it.

1. How fun it can be.  I attended and completed my own FPU as a participant from February to May of 2008 and I have to tell you that participating is fun and ok, but I was concerned about what it would be like to actually lead a session.

It is absolutely fantastic.  To work the families that get it is a good thing, yes; but watching the positive change in lives is even more fun.

2. How tiring it can be.  I work full time and do not get home on the nights of FPU at the church.  I am up as early as 5:30 am and completing and getting home after 9 pm.  Also, there just might be one or two stubborn participants that still act like I’m trying to sell something or DR is just nuts for not wanting to use a credit card.  To use a credit card or not, for me has to be the least of the issues.  I was just about to compare it to the debate for evolution v creation, but that debate has nothing on credit card use. 

Choose what you are going to do, but just don’t wear me out about it by arguing with me because I have already drunk the Koolade.

3. How honest you should be.  I have been guilty of being too honest when it comes to how my wife and I got into our mess and have shared way way too much.  With that said, I staved off bursting by sharing it with people and now I have about 35 accountability partners.

I plan to dial back what I share just a tad.

4. How your own Emergency Fund will be used as soon as you build it. 

We were not told that we would have to use our Baby EF three times!  I thought it was Murphy Repellent.  The upside is we have not incurred any more debt because we had a Baby EF three times.

5. How some attendees will not get it.

No specifics here on this one.  I hope it speaks for itself.


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