Worry and the IRS

The past two weeks and the IRS have given worry warts like me a fantastic excuse to worry.  “You know you shouldn’t worry, it’ll stunt your growth”, you say.  Well, the government announced earlier this year that just about everybody will get a check to help stimulate the economy… just so long as you comply file your tax return by April 15th.

The silly schedule that was published laid out dates for both Direct Deposit and good ol’ fashioned paper checks to be delivered.  What was not made clear and why do I and others have cause for worry?  I’m glad that you asked.

First, I filed on April 13th because I owed taxes. That means that I will in all likelihood not see DD or paper until sometime in June.  Why? Because my filing needed to occur at least two weeks prior to 4/15 so that my return would be processed by the 15th and not just accepted.  Glad the instructions were laid out and in clear English before the 15th.  (Sarcasm)

Second, some of us are trying to get out of debt and when you are “gazelle intense” you get a little frustrated when your plan doesn’t come together.  With a wife and five kids, we would/should/could see a return of $2,700 which in turn would knock a MONTH of our debt snowball.

Third, due to slight personality disorder, I will check my account every hour and the IRS at least six times a day to see if anything might change and more info will magically appear.

If you didn’t file by the 15th, at least the current information at www.irs.gov says that you can still file according to the rules and receive a check through 12/31/2008.

Oh, a bonus that was not clear for some is that if you owe the government, your stimulus will stimulate the government.

Bottom line?  Don’t worry because I have enough worry the both of us.


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