Applying Soccer to Finances

If you continue to read the posts that I write, you will come to know that I love Football (soccer). I love footy so much that I try to use all of the European or English terms when I speak of the beautiful game. It drives my fellow Americans nuts. With my recent rise in awareness to our financial mess, I have attempted several ways to cope with the mess. Those ways have only brought minimal solace. Now I will try to think in footballer terms and share along the way.

Footy states of mind


When your side has the ball you are on the “Attack”.


When your side does not have the ball you are on “Defense”.

Footy Positions

Goal Keeper: last best hope to keep the other team getting into your goal. Prepare to get kicked in the head in this position and get blamed for your defenses breakdown.

Defensive (Full) Backs: Meanest, smartest players on the field. These players will take you out if you so much as look in the direction of their goal. These players will lay down their lives for the team to keep the goal and goalkeeper safe.

Midfielder: Second in overall smarts only to the DBs. These are your setup players and are there to be run ragged. Mids run the whole field and are in on every attack and every defensive stand. To be a midfielder you have to be unselfish and greedy all at the same time. You have to be able to pass the ball as well as take shots on goal.

Forwards: Or maybe the sexy name they all like, Striker. Oh, please. Forwards are the flashy-get-all-the-glory players that every player wants to be. These players have one track minds and really can’t be counted on for any sort of defense in their own half or any half for that matter. They just want the ball at their feet so they can shoot. If they don’t have the ball, they will find a way to score off the Goalkeepers mistake or even create a mistake by the other defenders to create an own goal. But a good forward is a great finisher, period.


Those are the simplest terms with the simplest of definitions. Can it be that easy? Yes, but now you need to know what to attack and how and then if you lose possession of the ball, you need to know what and how to defend.

I will share and continue over several posts, so come back for the beautiful game!



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