Financial Soccer Application Part 1 – Financial Soccer Defending

Defend! Now!

As a defender myself, I like this part. You have to be of an uncommon frame of mind to enjoy defending. Ruthlessness when protecting your goal is the key.

If you want to hold on to your money and attain your goals, you have to ruthlessly defend against all attackers. Not everyone is cut out for defending, but if your team does not have the ball… you are on defense.

What should you do on defense? You should protect your goal, try to win the ball back, and keep the other team from passing the ball. The same is true when it comes to money. You must do everything you can to keep others from taking the ball and if you don’t have it… you should win possession back. The longer you don’t have the ball (money) you can not score and the longer it will take you to score.

1st Defender

In soccer, there is the concept of 1st defender, 2nd defender, and 3rd defender. When you are the closest defender to the ball and “goal side” you are the 1st defender. Your agenda is to slow down or pressure the attacker on your goal until cover and balance arrives. Do what you need to do, but don’t do anything foolish or reckless and get beat at this stage. Payday loans, Get Rich Quick, or fast installment loans come to mind as ways to be foolish when you are at this stage with your money.

2nd Defender

As the 2nd defender you are there to provide support for the 1st. You need to position yourself in such a way that you cover open space behind and at a 45 degree angle to the first defender. Communication with the 1st is key if only to let the 1st know that you are there. Another communication need from the 2nd is letting the 1st know which way to pressure the Attacker.
It is very difficult as a 1st defender when you feel all alone and hung out to dry. This is when the 1st makes mistakes in last ditch efforts to win the ball when all they had to do was stay on their feet. It is imperative that in personal finances whether solo or married that one of you take on the role of 1st defender and the other as the supporting 2nd defender. Communicate, support, and help direct the defense. Switch off roles so that you can call your teammate off and they can then support you. If all else fails, you could just double team knowing that the 3rd defender is there. If solo, get someone with the heart of a teacher or even a trusty resource.

3rd Defender

It takes a team to defend. There are Forwards that can just chew through defenses like gummy worms and if 1st and 2nd and even double teaming doesn’t work, it will take a 3rd defender. Players that want to get to your goal are crafty sometimes and shifty all the time. The 3rd defender is to provide balance and to fill space on the pitch. The great forwards work in pairs and will pass the ball backwards and then run only to receive the ball in space behind you. Other strategies include having another Forward run into space between the defense to receive a ball passed through a whole in the defense called a “through ball”. It is up to the 3rd defender to balance out the 1st and 2nd fill these gaps and provide a type of Zonal defense. An accountability partner working with you can provide this balance to keep the married couples from making a huge mistake and letting the “through ball” through.

Offside Trap

The illusion of the offside trap. Don’t trust in the Assistant Referee raising the flag 100% of the time when offsides occur. The rule of football is that until the ball is played there cannot be an attacker behind the last defender in the attacking half. Some coaches and players rely on this trap to slow and frustrate Attackers. The trap works sometimes, but Forwards are crafty and shifty, but are not stupid and will time their runs to beat the trap. Just because there are rules to keep credit and loan companies in line don’t put your trust and faith in those rules to keep you from getting scored upon. Keep the ball, keep the ball in your attacking half, and keep shooting on goal and you will not have to worry about the offside trap.

For our personal finance formation, I have moved to using a 4-5-1. What’s your formation?



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