Financial Soccer Application Part 3 – Attack

In previous posts, we have worked our way from the Defensive Backs to the Midfielders. You now know that when your team does not have the ball (money) you are on defense and you should do everything in your power to win the ball back and then to protect your goal. You have also learned of our Financial Soccer formation: the 4-4-1-1. But what do you do when you get the ball? You attack of course.

Win the Ball… Get It to the Forward

In our formation, we have only one full-time attack minded player. With finances as with soccer, if you are up against a formidable foe, you are constantly staving off an attack. You might even refer to Dave Ramsey’s Four Wall mantra of “Food, Shelter, Transportation, Clothing”. Just do not stay in that mindset with no further goal outside of defending. Yes, we only have one Forward, but we have “Numbers Up” in the defense with 10 resources with defend first as their mindset we have the capability to win the money or ball back. Now work it up to our forward.

Soccer Passing and Moving = Debt Snowball

Once we have the ball, we do not want to stand still and wait for the other teams pressure to cause us to give up the ball. If you are in debt like we are, you need to win money from selling things on eBay, getting a part-time job, or even just cutting back on frivolous things like cable or satellite TV. You might even start taking the bus to work. Now that you have money, work on your bills by using a method called the Debt Snowball. The Debt Snowball works like passing and moving does in soccer.

In soccer, when you win the ball you pass and move. One player passes the ball to another and then moves into space to be able to receive the ball. When you combine like this on the field you can move the ball towards your goal a lot easier and more effective than the “Boom!” ball from the previous post. Passing and moving is the steady-as-you-go method compared to the Boom! ball loose-possession method.

The Debt Snowball is similar in that you win the money and pass it to the outstanding balance of your smallest debt. Once you pay off that balance, you then pass the minimum + extra to the next smallest balance and combine it with the one you just paid off. You do this pass and move combination until you are debt free.

The Impatient Forward

We understand there will be times that our forward gets cranky and rightfully so. Our forward wants to shoot on goal and he is unable to do that if he does not touch the ball. So how do we keep our Financial Forward happy? We get a second job to speed up winning the ball back. We cut back in every way that we can to keep the ball in the other teams half of the field and do not stop until the ball is their 18 yard box and our forward is positioned in front of the net.

A good forward will want the ball even if he is being dragged to the ground and triple teamed. Get the ball to him and he will score.

The Game Winning Goal

The Debt Snowball is the method we will use. We also know full well that it will take 50+ months to get out of debt. Our forward is waiting for us to win the ball and work it up the field so that once he receives the pass, he can one touch the ball into the back of the net and score the Game Winner.


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