Financial Soccer Application Conclusion – "Do you play to win, or do you play not to lose?"

We have to this point, discussed each position up through and including the Attack. Let’s dabble now in a bit of football philosophy.

In Soccer, you have two basic managers: those who always play to win and then those who play not to lose. Each way of thinking can be good or bad depending on when you use them.

Playing To Win

This is a G rated blog, but I will use the word “sexy” anyway. Attacking soccer is considered “sexy.” Teams playing to win will always focus on the attack. Each practice will introduce a new pattern play and always include a good portion of time just taking shots on goal. The pace is fast and frantic, frenetic. There is no time to think only do. Even there pre-game warm-ups are just taking shots on goal.

The Opposition

Credit companies and the like are similar to the team that only attacks. Each day there is new ploy or play to their attack. They just keep coming and coming into your mailbox and your TV. They hit you at college and the toy store. These companies target your emotions and even your team spirit until you are winded and demoralized. Your team touches the ball only to see the opposition win it back or to have it ricochet off for a change of possession. You pray for the “Mercy Rule” (read: Bankruptcy) to kick in so you can just curl up and cry. They work on only taking shots and scoring. “What’s in your wallet?”

The Home Team

Of course as the home team, you want to put on a good show for your crowd. You want to look good doing it. You have practiced and practiced right?

Scenario #1: You all gather round the net and keep kicking the ball into the net at practice and laugh as the coach tries to get your attention.

You do not realize it at this practice, but during the entire season you will not be able to keep up. You will not train and condition on your own and no new moves are learned. You will only seek advice from those in the same position as you. You are upset because your team is not taking shots on goal during a game and you ask for more shooting practice. You are playing to win, but you are not training to win.

At the end of the season you blame every other person including the coach. If this is you with money, you will lose every game.

Scenario #2: With each match, you find your team at a draw. nil-nil or even 3-3. You are attacking and even scoring, but the other team attacks with equal or greater persistence.

What should do? Should you give up and just hunker down and defend? Should you attack? You should do both. What?

You should do both if you can see and understand a way through their defenses. Stop trying to force an attack and work to keep possession of the money (I mean ball). If there is still at least 10 seconds on the clock, you still have time to score. Make their defenders come to you and then pass the money and buy more time and slow the game and be in control.

In the remaining seconds of the game, you pass the ball through the defenders and score. You play to win when you can understand and control the game.

Playing Not to Lose
The opposition

The opposition does actually use this strategy. These are the arrogant teams. The teams that require the referee to recount their steps for Penalty Kicks. These teams have players that are “jail house” lawyers and know every minute detail of the rules. The players can be demoralizing juggernauts and suck the spirit out of an otherwise good team.

The card companies will raise your rates even on a closed account. You will find your self hit with fees for being one penny wrong on a payment and payments to accounts with multiple APR balances will see little or nothing applied to the part with a higher APR. These business know how to play and use the right strategy even using both at the same time.

The Home Team

As a coach I have lived this first hand. At the beginning of the season for our third game we faced a team that scored 12 goals in the first two games and only allowed 1. I knew that we did not have the personnel to get and keep a lead. So I pushed the team hard on individual and then small group defensive tactics. I then trained them to win the ball and work it to the outside away from pressure and our goal.

The Wanderers (my team) played full of courage and confidence until our Center Defensive Back was hurt in a violent collision and was taken off the field by paramedics and then to the hospital ER. This only galvanized the Wanderers and they came together and played with what can only be described as a focused frenzy. The opposing team was consistently frustrated by the defense and then by, at that time and now 1st, 2nd choice Goal Keeper. We as a team held our own with wingers playing defensive backs and players cramping up and continuing to run and play until the final whistle.

The whistle blew the last time and the match ended 0-0.

Is your life currently like that game I just described? Are you up against a team that by all accounts should score and keep scoring on you, but can’t find the back of the net? In that game, the other team was awarded a Penalty Kick – the ball is placed 12 yards out from goal and it is kick at the goal with only the goal keeper trying to save it – and the ball went wide left. It may seem that the easy shots from the opposition are missing because of luck. I don’t think so.

Frustrate your attackers and keep them out of your goal. Buy time by taking care of what is the priority. You do not need anything outside of Shelter, Food, Transportation, and Clothing. Hold on because the season is long and if you Draw (Tie) this one game 0-0, you can continue to train for balance during the season and grow in skill and confidence and Play to win!


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