Financial Peace University Journal Entry #1 – What is Success?

If you are attending or want to attend FPU, how would you define whether or not FPU was a success?  Leave a comment or three below.

I have some real-life examples to review with you now.

Success is Hard Work

Last evening at the FPU that I coordinate, one of the participants shared how FPU had changed his family’s life and it was good; but it was not easy.  He shared that he and his wife took back their (f)leased car and are now riding in a pick-up truck with a family of five.  Before you start trying to call family services on them, they are making multiple trips to get the family where it needs to go – nobody is riding in the back of the truck.  They also have their Baby EF and have cut up their credit cards.  It is early, yes, but this family will probably make it.

Their situation is not all that basic and they will have issues, but they are Gazelle intense and are smiling arm in arm.

Success Comes from Understanding

Not all understanding should be considered or measured how well you comprehend information.  Success can come from understanding there is a way out of debt and that you are not the scourge of the earth because you have bills.

A lady in the class answered the question “How has FPU changed your life in the past six weeks?”, by answering “I realized I’m not a bad person.”  Do you get that?  Society and us as individuals have convinced us to believe that because we either have debt or a bad FICO score or that we can not pay everything on time or at all, that we are to be looked down upon or that we are to hide the fact that we need help.

Yes, you should not get into anything that you do not understand.  Yes, also, you should understand that you must acknowledge there are those that can help.  Reach out.  If you do not trust Dave Ramsey, contact a DA (Debtors Anonymous) chapter in your area.  You can even put a comment on this post and I will email you back with the non-Ramsey resources that I have used.

Success is Derived

Have you witnessed the phenomenon in Pop Culture of the 10 year overnight success?  You and I only see those successes after they are successes and we do not observe their sacrifice and consistent and persistent work to attain their goal.

Another couple shared that they have sold their truck and rid themselves of the payment and now are driving a $500 beater of a mini-van.  Now they can pay their utility bills on time.

Yours and my financial success will not be the equivalents of a Darwinian Big Bang.  Our success will come months and years after we start.  The key is to start.  It is trite, but most sayings that are true are trite; but you start a long journey with the first step.  We also have a map and resources at our disposal.  I only suggest this, pick a resource that does not use debt as vehicle to get rich.  Those are losing propositions that carry much more risk than just not spending more than you make and saving at least 10% of all your income.


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