Riding the Bus to Work – 4 Things to Bring

Riding the bus to work is quite possibly the easiest thing I can do to save money on gas each and every week.  After just 2.5 weeks, I have to admit that I am still quite the novice at it.  Here are four things that I have learned to bring for each trip.

Light jacket or wind-breaker –  The buses on my route have got to have the coldest and most forceful blowers in Jacksonville.  It is going to be fun when the real summer time hits and then going into the brutal cold of the bus and then back out into the searing and humid day and then the pneumonia.

A good book or set of books – The time on the bus just flies by when I read.  I have gone through 2.5 books in 2.5 weeks of riding.  I hope the library can keep up with this pace because I have turned in 3/4 of my personal library to the local bookstore for store credit.

Very little – I am learning that I need to pack light.  When the bus gets full it is good and proper not to hog two seats and it is also good and proper not to hit your fellow riders with your bag(s) as you move to a seat.  Plus, I am learning to carry less because I have to walk to and from the bus stop and a bag full what I do not really need makes for a heavier than required walk.

Patience – This has to be the most important item for a bus ride.  Patience will help you when the driver is not quite on time to your stop.  Patience will also help when the driver is not driving as fast as you would like.  Patience also helps when you have fellow travelers that are surly and not very kind to other human beings.  Another good place that helps to have Patience is when the bus breaks down.  It does no good at all to get angry and take it out on the driver or to complain with the other riders.  If it is hot, take off the jacket.  If it is a long wait, just read more of the book.

Have fun riding – Jeremy

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