Spinning Wheels in the Sand – an opinion

Authors note before reading: The personal pronoun [I] will be used often and even frequently.  You see I am talking about me in this one and I am ticked.  Not quite a manifesto, yet.  There are no new ways to save money in this one.

In the Sand

I am a melancholy sort by nature, but I am not an always overly morose person.  I fret too much and dabble in a little worry.   All of that is true, yes.  I, however, do not sit around waiting for things to get better and jump on bandwagons of political hope.  I do something.  I sometimes do many things.  I am not patient when it comes to fixing things.  Letting a sore fester or muscles atrophy past return is not this man’s nature.

So I set off on adventure with little or no roadmap to get out debt.  I sought help through Dave Ramsey and his FPU (going good by the way).   I quit satellite radio and TV to save money, I sold a-l-o-t of stuff on eBay.  I had to put the family dog down due to cancer.  I had to pay taxes this year.  I talked the church into letting me coordinate our own FPU.  I declared the family could not turn on the air conditioning just yet.  We have ceiling fans and floor fans in every room.  I even bought CFL’s to save money.  I help clip coupons and look for deals.  I even started riding the city bus.

Yes, quite a bit of sand here and now for the wheels.

The Spinning Wheels

My current perception is that the whole world has gone crazy.  You might even use lyric from an old Grateful Dead (?) song, “…Going to Hell in a hand basket, but at least I’ll enjoy the ride.”  With all of the saving ideas and frugality being preached out on the grand interwebs and even espoused by me, the green effect has to be the biggest pain in my side.  Now this is not an opinion on Green, but it is an opinion on how governments beat us with the bully pulpit – yes, I meant to say it exactly like that – of saving the planet and even saving money as we go because we turn out the lights, drive less, and use less water.  In my opinion, those ideas do not bother me.

What has my ire in full tilt is the idiocy of Jacksonville, FL to pass a 15% hike in electric rates and a 4% rate hike in water usage.  Will any of this money be used to fund research in better uses or sources of either?  No, the funds raised will go to adding policemen to the force.  Oh, did I mention a new fee (tax) that was added for storm water drain usage?  The fine arts are well funded and the Jacksonville Jaguar luxury boxes are well attended by city officials and politicians, but we need to raise $36 million for more police?

What sense does it make to encourage citizens to use less and to save on their energy bills if there is never a reduction in cost?  If it wasn’t so stupid, it would be funny.  I voted for some of these people, but not again.

Come on, $4 gas and now utility rates going up added to no pay increase leads to putting racing bike wheels in the sand and going all out to win the race.  I won’t and you won’t win with the wrong wheels.

No New Debt

I say that I am spinning wheels because that is precisely what I am doing.  I have to this point in my journey not incurred any new debt.  I and my wife are paying our bills on time and are able to currently feed our kids and tithe to church.  We are not currently living out of the back of our mini-van.

What we are not doing is moving forward in the race.  We need help to get out of the sand and onto the paved raceway before time is called on the race.

Quit spinning — Jeremy


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