From My Side of the Coin: A Wife’s Perspective

Jeremy is a man of great intensity, and this is one of the things I love best about him.  I can rest assured that once he takes hold of a pursuit, that he will research, consider,  and thoroughly immerse himself in every detail.  So he has now done with our financial well being.   I knew when he made the decision to get rid of satellite and cable television that he was committed to turning our financial health around permanently.  I could not be happier…..or more relieved.

In the six months that we have been practicing basic principles of giving, saving, and spending wisely, our marriage has been changed in ways I never imagined possible.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have arguments and disappointments, but we are finally communicating rather than hiding behind a mess that neither of us wanted to face.  We now both clearly see the mountain of debt that we have to conquer and are agreeing on the methods to do just that.  We can face the trials together and rejoice in our victories together.

Our family is altered in positive ways also.  We spend more time doing things together as a family besides watching tv and shopping to see who gets the most or best stuff.  We can talk realistically to our children about money and wise ways to handle it.  We no longer feel guilty if we cannot give our children everything they want. We have seen them grow and mature and learn lessons that never quite sunk in with us when we were kids.  Our oldest son has perhaps had the most difficult time adjusting, but I believe it is because he was “raised” knowing only the sloppy bad money habits that my husband and I exhibited for the past 16 years.  I have faith however, that these changes may be just in time for him to avoid our mistakes in the future.

I would not, for all the riches in the world, retreat into the type of financial thinking that polluted our lives in the past.  I am ready with confidence to face the mountain of debt we have created and work toward conquering it one dollar at a time until Jeremy and I can look over from the other side and loudly declare, “WE ARE DEBT FREE!!”

I hope that something in our story will inspire others to do the same.


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