eBook – 31 Days to Fix Your Finances

I am making available here a great free resource for those that may not be able to by one of the many personal finance books, but really need a good personal finance book.

I purchased it for a couple dollars and I think you should, too.

But according to Trent over at The Simple Dollar

Please, by all means, send this document freely to anyone who may be helped by it. If you would like to give thanks to the author, you can send a freewill payment of $2 via PayPal to trent@thesimpledollar.com, but all I really ask is that you distribute this work freely. If you wish to post this PDF on your own website, you may do so as long as you include a link to http://www.thesimpledollar.com/ on the same entry or page.

So in that spirit I have provided the PDF file here.  If you like it and purchase it, please let him know where you got it.

31 Days to Fix Your Finances



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