IRS Stimulus Check: A Personal Update 2

On June 3rd, I called the 1-800 automated system for the IRS and received the information that I needed to call off my march on Washington D.C.  I also did not have to use my ace-in-the-hole Senator Waxman to call for an investigation into the dealings of the IRS (that was meant to be funny).

On June 4th, I checked the website and was shown there what was not there on June 3rd.  In all the published glory from weeks past of what was to be, but was not – I saw that I did exist and how many children I had and that I was married.  The Horn of Plentiful information even included that I was to receive…

That’s for me to know.  In all the system does work, it is just painfully slow even for a well oiled (greased) machine such as the American Federal Government.



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