A June Bus Riding Journal – Week 1

I have entered my first week’s journal of bus riding below.  As you can see for the pickup points for me on the route, I have yet to be picked up on time or close to on time even one time.  On 6/6 in the morning, the discrepancy was 8 minutes with the low being just 2 minutes on 6/2 in the afternoon.

Ridership seems to be steady and neither increasing nor decreasing for the week.  In general the number of riders from my first days to now have increased, but this week did not see an increase.   It is easy to get a seat with out having to share and the buses are generally clean.  The buses on my route are old and I will do some investigation on just how old.  I would wager President Reagan was in office when they were designed and rolled off of the assembly line.

For next week’s entries, I will snap pictures using my camera phone so you can have an idea of the conditions of my ride.  I do not speak or share family stories with the other riders and no one has offered to have me help them clip coupons or quilt.  Occasionally, a rider will smell of having drunk their last meal, but that is the exception to the general population.

Day M/E Sched Pickup Actual Pickup Sched Arrival Actual Arrival Bus# Temp Conditions
6/2 AM 6:18 6:25 7:01 7:01 9703 about 72 Muggy, High clouds
6/2 PM 3:57 3:59 4:43 4:35 9908 about 74 light rain, dark clouds
6/3 AM 6:18 6:23 7:01 7:00 9726 73 Cloudy, humid
6/3 PM 3:57 4:03 4:43 4:34 9908 High 80s high humidity, cloudy
6/4 AM 6:18 6:25 7:01 7:00 9704 74 clear, muggy
6/4 PM 3:21 3:33 4:07 4:12 9721 90s Puffy, thick clouds
6/5 AM 6:18 6:23 7:01 6:59 9729 73-4 clear
6/6 5:42 5:50 unable to verify 6:24 9720 76-8 clear, muggy. Bus had exhaust coming into bus.

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