If Money Were No Object: My View

Yesterday, I asked my wife to write her thoughts on what she would do if money were no object.  You should notice that it took her several items until she listed that she would do something charitable.  Now, I am not being unkind in pointing that out and you should ask yourself, truthfully, how many items would it take for you to list doing something kind for someone else?

This way of thinking is common today and my opinion is that it is due to us being so weighted down with the cold iron weights of debt.  Those weights keep us under water in the black depths of despair for such an unbearable and seemingly never ending, heart bursting amount of time that once we are loosed from the weight and claw and kick our way to the surface where life giving air and light are in ready supply; we simply forget about everything and everyone else and enter into a selfish and self-induced paranoid fantasy of spending and getting and meeting each and every artificial need before we are plunged back into the bottomless depths.

We never consider caring for another hungry and dying soul, before we buy our own life rafts and floatation devices.  We never consider giving water to the thirsty before we drink to drunkenness.  We never help to clothe the cold and naked or shelter the homeless until we have first purchased new and expensive clothing and built our air-conditioned homes.

It is not wrong for us to eat, drink, wear clothes, and live in a home.  It is wrong for us to push away and keep separate those that are needy because we are in need.  It is wrong for us to push away and keep separate those that are in need until after we climb a little higher into the soft, warm, and secure arms of luxury.

We must challenge ourselves to help someone in more need than we are now and we must challenge ourselves to put first on our list (once money is no object) to reach back into the sea of needy and pull another out of the cold, black depths.

What would I do if money were no object?  I would make sure that not one more soul was held captive by the chains of debt.  That is easy to say now after I had longer to think about it than my wife.

I would try to learn to live life without the stress of not knowing if we had enough money.

I would take life one day at a time.



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