My Dream Book

I’ll add a page to this site that lists my dreams and goals. I’ll keep the page only for my goals, and then add my wife’s goals later once I convince her to put them online.

The idea is from the “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” I’m not quite sure yet if I am appreciating the book as much as I could – I am taking certain positive (to me) aspects from the book and putting them into practice. I, however, will not stand under a freezing waterfall until my arms and legs go numb when I fail to reach a goal by a certain day or time.

My first goal is to eliminate debt. I do have another goal of attaining an NSCAA Premiere Coaching Diploma for soccer. For goal setting and reaching those goals, Julian from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” tells his friend John to know himself to know the Truth. I’m not sure how much Truth is in me. I do, however, love that coaching – I like my day job, too – provides a way to be the right example for the young men that I train.


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