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The latest fad on the internet is to define, start, and complete a Happiness Project. I’ve even bought the eBook for my Kindle this Christmas. I’m not very far into the book, but I’ve already formed a snap judgement… Happiness is defined, primarily by what you can do to make others happy.

I’m not depressed or even down on my luck, but there are areas that need improvement. Areas that always seem to elude improvement no matter what I read and try to apply. My starting point then is really from a place of frustration. Is unhappiness not the same as sadness? I don’t feel sad.

What are some areas that I could change this very moment that would make me more “happy”?

1. A family without petty bickering. I know, good luck accomplishing that with five children and two cats. What if I could have that? What can I do to accomplish that? Am I the key to the end of bickering and maybe even to making my own children happy?

2. Elimination of debt. I know that I’m the key to this one and even though I’ve been through FPU six or maybe even eight times, I still struggle maintaining any real momentum.

3. Wake up. There are days that if I could just get my butt out of bed life would be so much better.

4. Perform better at my day job. Maybe not coaching so much would help that. Maybe seeking courses to extend my capabilities would help.

5. Coach less. This statement might hurt some feelings, but coaching 30-40 games a year with a full-time day job and five children can burn a man out.

6. Write. I’d love to be a better writer even if I never get published. I’m researching the NaNoWriMo event and what that entails.

7. Read. I love to read and get a little down if I’m not reading something good. I’ve purposed to read my Bible every day and have set a goal of reading through the Bible in a year. I also want to add some philosophy into the mix.

8. Smile. Those that know me won’t be surprised, but it is down right scary how many people have told me that I look sinister or even resemble a Satan worshipper (I’m not sure what those look like). So, maybe if I can learn to smile I can help make others happier and feel a little happier myself.

9. Be friendly. I’m a homebody through and through and don’t really see a problem with that. If people don’t want to come to my house and hang then that’s their problem. You can see for yourself from the last sentence why I need to be friendly. I don’t relate well with others and there are a few that I believe that I can talk to and share ideas and trust them to not look at me like an idiot. Maybe I should “trust” to this one.

10. Be a better husband. This one would take a while because who knows the mind of a woman?

11. Exercise. I took up running in 2008 and like everything else that I enjoy I over did it and hurt myself. Now I don’t run and that bothers me. Maybe it is a little depressing to know that I did actually run 10 miles in one day and now I can’t run 1.

12. BE JEREMY. I’ve always been concerned about letting others down. That is possibly due to the Marine Corps and the motto Semper Fidelis. It’s very hard to tell some one no. I feel as though I’ve let them down, but isn’t worse not to put my whole heart into it and not complete what was asked to the best of my ability? There are times that I try my best and still don’t deliver the goods, but you get my point.

I want to be there for my family and I need to reduce my commitments and focus on the needful things.

13. Volunteer/Give. I know what I just said in 12, but I volunteered in 2009 at HabiJax and it was one the better days I had. I want that feeling of happyness again.


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