Just Take the Man Pill Already


Just take a “man pill” and get on with it. Oh! yes, there’s nothing like a kick in the pants to get you motivated. Today was a day I had to be a man and fix things around the house instead of replacing things. Admittedly, it was much cheaper to fix the drain than call a plumber, fix the dishwasher instead of calling a repair man, and even cheaper still to fix the dryer than buy a new one.

The problem is that I didn’t get anything new out of it. I just got more of the same for longer. The flip-side is that I did save some serious cash – for now. A $10 part for the dryer and I did all of the labor. $13 to fix the washing machine drain. $26 part for the dishwasher. Oh, and I got to be hero husband/dad for the day and everybody gets clean dishes and clothes.

I wasn’t very happy at the start of it and even showed my fanny a little as I attempted to justify replacing everything or even, gasp, having everyone wash dishes by hand, but I gave in and decided to give it the ol’ college try. Why is that saying around still today? Colleges don’t encourage to try anymore… I digress.

I admit that I do feel happier now that I actually accomplished something that required physical labor, so I’ll mark that down as progress on my personal Happiness Project.

If wishes could be granted, I’d wish that it didn’t take a recession to get me to do these small things.


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