I’m 3:30 in My Life

I learned today that if my age was calculated against a 24 hour clock my age/time would be 3:30 pm. It’s nice to know that it is time for a nap.

Ok, all kidding aside, what a disappointment that is. I still have so much to do today and then to find out, metaphorically, it’s close to time to shutdown and go home. No, I don’t mean that I don’t want the Lord to take me home… it’s just I know I have so much more to accomplish. It all kind of shuts down a happiness project doesn’t it?

Well, that is one way to look at it. It is actually the easiest way to view it. It just really ticked me off to the point of wanting to kick the cat to make myself feel better for at least a minute, but that would be like giving up 3 or 4 years. It makes me mad to realize that even more I need to get off my butt and do something more. It makes it even worse to realize that I have so much that I want to do, but I can’t do it all at the same time… and so the spiral goes turning back on itself making it all the more miserable.

What should I do about it? Since lists are all the rage – I’ll make a list.

  1. Give up on lists
  2. Keep on smiling until my kids think it’s normal and won’t be scared anymore. In the teen vernacular, “Seriously,” I’ve scared them for two days now by smiling when they are talking to me.
  3. Read my Bible. I mean why give up on that? I’ve read it 3 consecutive days so far and it hasn’t hurt anything.
  4. Quit being double minded. That was from the Sunday sermon and was probably the best thing I’ve heard in a while to make me think philosophically.
  5. Write. I’ve written something 3 days in a row so far and it hasn’t hurt anything.
  6. Do the best I can at whatever I happen to be doing at the moment.
  7. Get to the point where I can do less so that I can do my best without be distracted from moment to moment.
  8. Maybe I should go to church. I use StumbleUpon.com and I “stumbled” onto a quote site where somebody posted their quote, and I paraphrase because I didn’t bookmark it, “After sitting and wasting 5 hours a week in church for 15 years, I will now volunteer and do some actual good.” Maybe they should have done more than sit. Since I’ve had a wish each of my last posts, I’ll wish that when I sat in church I would have listened. I can honestly say that I’ve even tried to “do” too much even there and should have balanced the listening and doing better. Double-mindedness has gotten easier.

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