Why is No One as Enamored with Me as I Am?


So I wrote this fantastic post yesterday that raised the bar for what a blog post should be. I was so proud of my post that I sent it to my pastor thinking he might get a kick out of it. I don’t know if he did or not, but what I got back was a quick reply saying how thankful he was for me and was praying for me.

I wasn’t too appreciative of the quick reply and the complete lack of pats on the back for being a good blogger and providing such good and fresh insight in regards to all of life’s troubles. What was I or am I thinking? Maybe being introspective has made me even more selfish and maybe even self righteous. All I desire is to be happy, but that probably doesn’t mean sharing something that wasn’t asked for.

All this made me wonder at how I treat or react to others. I have players on my teams that ask me questions that I gave the answer to already. I have children that are a little too enthusiastic about something that I’m not. For all I’ve shown little or no patience or feigned enthusiasm that reeks of patronizing. Can happiness be closer if the focus is on doing the right thing without regard for reward and recognition? I won’t count all the “I”s in this post, but there has to be a lot in here.

I’m not listing all of my tangible resolutions here, but I do want to share some of the intangible ones.

I resolve to:

1. Genuinely care about what my kids are enthused about.
2. Not be frustrated if a very young and immature player asks me a question I’ve answered… But I will firmly encourage them to take responsibility for not getting the answer the first time. I have to be the adult.
3. Not be so caught up on trying to win at-a-boy’s all the time and just do something for the right reasons in the first place.
4. Focus on what needs to be done.
5. Smile for real and not because I was told to do so.
6. Understand that I am not the fixer of all things.
7. Realize people don’t always care what I have to say.
8. Know that it’s about me, but it’s not really.


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