Dream Book

This is my public page for my Dreams.

  1. Eliminate Debt
  2. Buy my wife a house on the river
  3. NSCAA Premiere Coach Diploma
  4. Write a better blog
  5. Read an hour every day
  6. Exercise (no brainer, right?)

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The Hole of Debt is here primarily only for me and mine. We hope to share where we are and where we want to be.

We will focus on debt, but will reserve the right to talk about other things.

We are so in debt that if you knew how much you just might lose your lunch. I will try to share a little bit at a time to ease you into the nausea.

What is that picture of in my header at the top of the page?  That is the business end of a Saturn V rocket.  that is basically what we will need to get out of our hole of debt.  I took the picture so nobody needs to come after me for copyright stuff.

Please enjoy.

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